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Thriveosity creates expertly curated monthly care packages, specifically designed with the unique needs of your loved one in mind. Every care package features high-quality products to support the whole person during their journey through cancer.

But there’s so much more to our story than that.

 Beleive today

Life is full of challenges.
Some we soar through on our own. For others, we need support. Cancer represents the challenge of a lifetime for many patients. When the diagnosis of cancer impacts you or someone you care about, the routines of daily life are suddenly disrupted. That’s why thriveosity was created. Thriveosity helps to soothe the disruption and ease the distress of a cancer diagnosis– and gives patients and their caregivers the tools they need to soar.

With the monthly care boxes that thriveosity lovingly puts together to support the healing process, survivors and caregivers journey the path to becoming thrivers – and not just survivors.

We’re a Social Enterprise, Too

A portion of every single thriveosity box sold will be donated to organizations dedicated to impacting cancer research, patient education and advocacy.

With each purchase you make, know that your thoughtful gift will not only touch the person who receives it - but will help to make an even deeper impact.

Dr. Ritu

Dr. Ritu Trivedi-Purohit

Thriveosity was founded by Dr. Ritu Trivedi-Purohit, a Clinical Psychologist driven to improve quality of life for her cancer patients and their caregivers.

Early in her career at Loyola University’s Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center, her work ignited the inspiration for the initial concept for thriveosity. Dr. Ritu’s resilient and determined patients helped her learn valuable life lessons about courage and purposeful living.

While working with her patients, Dr. Ritu noticed a gap in their care. Medications treated the disease…but patients needed more. She knew that it was critical to support the whole person during the cancer journey.

Dr. Ritu identified five thriver “challenge areas” that cancer patients and their caregivers shared. This became the inspiration behind the distinct product categories that make up each ThriveBox:

  • Nutrition
  • Cognition
  • Skin-Care
  • Aromatherapy
  • The Basics (comfort items and essentials)

As part of her determination to make sure thrivers have what they need to survive, Dr. Ritu places special emphasis on products that are natural, clean and organic – free of any known toxic ingredients.

When she’s not working with her patients, she enjoys travel, movies and bike rides.

In the words of Dr. Ritu, Thrive On!

There is a tremendous difference between existing and thriving.

-Author and teacher Laurie Buchanan