What's in the thriveosity box?

Cancer is a major disruption to a person’s life.  That’s no surprise, right?  But do you know all the ways it can potentially disrupt their life?

Cancer patients have a unique set of needs, as the impact of both the disease and treatment affect multiple body systems.  The road to healthy healing and a shorter recovery requires ongoing self-care.  But self-care can get complicated because of the side effects from treatment and disease. Even the most common side-effects present complex challenges for patients.  Managing these side-effects can become a full-time job for patients and their caregivers, who are often inexperienced with meeting the ever changing demands of managing through a cancer diagnosis.  And because time is already limited, and energy can be low, cancer patients don’t have time to search for that “right” product to help them feel better.

I created thriveosity as a way to help loved ones meet the vast, and often unmet, needs of cancer care and to support patients on their personal path to thrivership!  As I thought about the needs of my own patients and the struggles they have shared with me over the years, I identified five primary areas of health and wellness that cancer patients struggle with maintaining throughout their illness.


Thrivers often experience altered eating habits that result in malnutrition which can negatively impact their energy, healing, and their ability to fight infections. Eating well helps patients feel better, stronger and improves their energy levels.  Keeping up with needed caloric intake helps with maintaining a healthy weight and maintain nutritional stores, and maintaining nutritional stores helps manage side effects of treatments, reduces risk of infection and fosters healing and a faster recovery.  But eating healthfully can be a challenge for Thrivers.  Patients often complain that they would like to eat better but the time it takes to prepare meals, along with low energy and changes in taste make it difficult to keep up with their nutritional needs.  They may resort to fast foods, forgo eating balanced meals or rely on processed and packaged foods.  

At thriveosity, it is our goal to help thrivers eat better, by delivering products healthy and tasty foods to alleviate nutrition problems and replenish strength.



Thrivers are often affected by boredom, lack of interest, even Chemobrain - a generic term used to describe common problems with thinking, memory and shorten attention spans - as a result of cancer treatments.  Though the term implies that the cognitive impairments are a result of chemotherapy, chemobrain is more likely due to changes the mind and body undergo as a result of cancer and its treatments.  This side effect can last up to 18 months after treatment is over.  For anyone experiencing cancer related cognitive decline, memory lapses, low attention or concentration levels, even finding the right words can be both frustrating, and at times, exhausting.

At thriveosity, it is our goal to provide cognitive stimulation and activities to engage thrivers in solo and interactive mental challenges.  


Thrivers commonly experience hair loss, but other skin ailments include rashes, redness, peeling, flaking of skin, brittle nails and sensitivity to sunlight.  Many patients do not realize that their skin is their largest organ and that some treatments necessitate skin care changes. Many conventional products on the market may not be good options for patients undergoing treatments, since they contain other ingredients that commonly cause irritation, burning and rashes.  

At thriveosity, we offer only natural and organic products without harmful ingredients.  We selectively partner with brands that use only the finest ingredients and promote healing and soothing, while eliminating pain, discomfort and embarrassment.


Thrivers commonly experience mood changes, as well as difficulties with sleep and appetite, which in turn impacts quality of life. Aromatherapy and essential oils have been used to improve quality of life for thrivers.  Essential oils are believed to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapeutic properties, which can benefit patients alleviate some symptoms or typical side effects.  At thriveosity, our goal is to deliver aromatherapy products and essential oils that enhance mood and improve the quality of life by triggering chemical messages along nerve pathways.


At thriveosity, it is our goal to support patients thrive through cancer and treatments.  In order to do so effectively, we also believe in sending items that are functional and inspirational.  Whether you are in need of products to stay organized with appointments, medications and communications or a comfort items to take along to treatments, we understand the needs and will seek to fulfill those needs for thrivers and their caregivers.

Every single month, our thriveosity box delivers meaningful products that will support and uplift your loved one. Our curated selection of products will help simplify life for Thrivers so that they can comfortably manage the challenges of treatment and recovery.