thriveosity: The Leader in Functional Cancer Support

Do you know someone who has had their life turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis?  Have you ever wondered what you can do to let them know you care, or how to help or support them?  Maybe you have considered sending flowers, joining a meal train or sending an inspirational gift.  While these are all thoughtful and kind gestures, these gifts may not be the most meaningful way to support the cancer thriver in your life.  With the strain of the disease and its therapies, patients and their families need to be empowered with tools to help them through treatment and recovery.  

Understanding their Needs

While we realize that all gifts are given with the best of intentions and sincerity, they do not always meet the unique needs of patients and their families through this journey.  Flowers are a beautiful gesture, but did you know that some patients can not be around live plants due to reduced immunity, or that the scent of fresh flowers may be unpleasant and overwhelming to the senses?   Likewise, meal trains are very helpful in the beginning, but meals tend to pile up in the freezer after the initial flood of support, or perhaps even harmful, some meals prepared for patients may not be in line with their nutritional needs.  Inspirational gifts can uplift spirits, however patients sometimes feel that they may not be able to live up to the expectations these messages can suggest.

Thinking Beyond the Treatments

When it comes to cancer care, the majority of the medical focus tends to be on the therapies and treatments.  At thriveosity, we know that patients and their families are often left struggling to “figure out the rest” on their own.  Our expertly curated packages help to bridge the gap from cancer care to thrivership by fulfilling the needs of the whole person, not just the disease.  Comprehensive care requires going beyond treatment -  it requires attending to the whole mind, body and spirit.  Cancer takes a toll on the whole person, and so our hand-selected products are chosen to restore the whole person as well.

Be There, Always (not just at the onset)

Cancer, coupled with the treatments, is a chronic condition.  In addition to treating the whole person, we are there for patients for as long as they need us.  Our subscription-based box is designed to meet the long-term and ongoing needs of cancer. Most patients and caregivers will tell you that there is a flurry of support at the time of diagnosis, but it quickly tapers off, and isolation sets in when support is needed most.  At thriveosity, we are in it with you for the long run.

Delivering Delights while Making a Difference

As part of our social mission, your subscription not only directly supports your thriver, but also organizations leading the way in cancer research and patient advocacy, as thriveosity donates a portion of the proceeds of each box to them.

thriveosity goes beyond the ordinary and is bringing revolutionary change to cancer support and traditional get-well gift-giving.  Whether you are supporting a neighbor, loved one or someone far away, we believe that thriveosity is the best functional gift available for patients, raising the bar on typical get-well gifting by meeting the unique needs required of cancer support.  Every single product that goes into a thriveosity box is hand selected by Dr. Ritu, and delivers comfort and support across one of five specially-designed categories, reducing the guess work for you, the gifter.  Sending a thriveosity subscription will make you a gifting superstar!  Sign up today.