Cancer Patients Don't Need Bonsai Trees

When someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, it can be a challenge to know what to do to help. Typical get­-well gestures like buying candy, flowers or balloons doesn’t quite meet the ever-­expanding needs of cancer patients.

Most patients receive quite a lot of support, gifts and encouragement after their initial diagnosis. However, based on my experience counseling patients over the years, this is not when support is most needed. Patients actually report feeling overwhelmed by the swell of support immediately after diagnosis, but feel a drought of support when they feel they really need it, which is after treatments have finished. The important thing to remember about cancer is that it is a chronic condition - one that requires treatments over a period of time, and one that results in an array of long­ term side effects. In actuality, patients need constant stream of support and uplifting encouragement throughout the process - from diagnosis to treatment to recovery and into thrivership.

I’ve also had patients share their experiences of misguided support and gifts from the most well-meaning friends and family. One patient confided that she was given a bonsai tree as a gift. She shared that she could barely muster the energy to take care of herself, and couldn’t imagine how she could possibly find the time or energy to cultivate a bonsai tree. At the same time, I’ve received many calls from the family and friends of patients asking how they can be helpful during the time of diagnosis and beyond. Knowing the right words to say can be difficult enough, but knowing how and when to give support can be overwhelming.

I quickly realized that there is a huge unmet need in cancer support. Patients do not receive the type of care they need for the time they need it and yet friends and family struggle with what or how to be supportive. thriveosity is an answer, a solution, and a welcomed treat that will delight both the giver and recipient. Not only will thriveosity reduce guesswork for the giver and trial and error for the recipient - introducing patients to new foods and products that are healthy and effective.

At thriveosity, we hope to satisfy the needs of both the patients and the people who care about them. It is our goal to provide support across a full continuum of needs and the tools to help patients achieve a meaningful recovery. Each of our products are selected specifically to meet the unique needs of cancer patients, and treating the whole person is so important in cancer care. We offer subscriptions of varying lengths so that you can provide long­ term support to meet your thriver’s long­ term needs, throughout their journey.